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February Meeting - How to Draw Blood on the Page

  • PLEASE NOTE LOCATION CHANGE 5585 Cottle Road San Jose, CA, 95123 United States (map)


When choreographing a fight for film or television, the eyes allow the viewer to see the action. In literature, we must describe the feelings as well as the action. Join Steaphen Fick from the Davenriche European Martail Arts School in San Jose for a discussion and demonstration of weapons from different periods of history, from the twelfth through the twenty-first century, to make your writing more exciting and authentic. 

Learn how to carry, hold, and use the different weapons and also see what it is like to have them used on you. Together we will brainstorm a fight and choreograph it for literature.  There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers, too. 

Some of the items we will have available include:

  • Viking sword and shield
  • Norman sword and chain maille armour
  • Longbow
  • Pirate cutlass and boarding axe
  • Knight’s sword and some armour
  • Poleaxe and spear
  • Modern guns and tac vest

Steaphen Fick joined a company of people touring through California performing in fully armoured tournament in 1989. While in armour he competed in full contact tournaments, as well as demonstrating the use and mobility of the armour. In the 11 years he was a part of the company, he participated in over 1900 fights.

After the tournament company disbanded, Steaphen began training with lighter weapons; he trained with Rapier and Dagger, the Single Rapier and the Spada di Filo (cut and thrust sword). He traveled to the UK to study with Maestro Paul MacDonald in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1999 and is a recognized authority on the use of Rapier and Dagger.

Steaphen Started Davenriche European Martial Artes School in June of 2000. He teaches adults and children ranging in age from 10-80. The disciplines include the historic use of the longsword, the Rapier and Dagger, the Single Rapier, the Rondel dagger, the Spada di Filo, fully armoured Combat as well as other weapon systems.

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He can be seen on The History Channel's Modern Marvels titled "Built by Hand"(season 6 ep. 43), as well as on CNN's "Somebody's Gotta Do It" with Mike Rowe (season 2 ep. 6) . Steaphen also choreographed fight scenes for a Dawnrunner Productions television show titled "Dorkcore."

Members Pre-Register: $10 (Starting Feb 1)
Members Pay at the Door: $15
Guests: $15

8:30 Coffee, Tea, and Registration
9:00 Business Meeting and Chocolate News
10:30 Presentation